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September 2018

Beat Your Ticket: Go to Court & Win!
by David Wayne Brown
ISBN: 0873378288
2nd Edition, Aug '02
224 pp.
List Price: $19.95
Your Price: $13.99

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We've all received one: a traffic ticket that seems completely unfair, the result of an officer's evening quota rather than a serious moving violation. But do you have to pay the penalty and watch your driving record crash and burn?

Not if you choose to fight back with Beat Your Ticket.

Written by bestselling author Attorney David Brown, Beat Your Ticket simply and clearly lays out the best strategies for beating tickets in court. The book explains in plain English how to:

  • use the law to fight an unwarranted ticket
  • find out what the police officer plans to say at your trial
  • attack radar and other detection methods
  • pick a jury
  • present your case
  • cross examine the ticketing officer

Beat Your Ticket also includes a unique 50-state list of laws and court procedures, along with a discussion of "defense dos and don'ts."

Armed with this book, you have just what you need to steer clear of pedestrian courtroom defenses and win your case like a pro.

Table of Contents

1 First Things
2 What Are You Charged With?
3 Should You Fight Your Ticket?
4 Lawyers and What They Can Do for You
5 Speed Violations: Understanding the Laws of Your State
6 Speed Detection: Pacing, Aircraft, VASCAR, Radar and Laser- How They Work, How to Fight Them
7 Other Moving Violations
8 First Steps to Fight Your Ticket
9 Preparing for Trial-Your Case
10 Preparing for Trial-The Officer's Testimony and Cross-Examination
11 Trial Before a Judge (No Jury)
12 Jury Trials
13 Where Do We Go From Here?

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