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Pay Me, Please
Kimberly Adams | 6/10/2003 4:23:50 AM
A woman I fixed up an apartment for says the amount of hours it took was in excess. She wrote me a check for half the money and wrote on the back of the check that if I cashed it, I would be accepting it as payment in full.

The tenants lived in the apartment for approx. 10 years. It was a mess.

I worked with another person (Buddy) to clean, repair, and paint the apartment.

In an enclosed letter it states that the hours were in excess for “cleaning walls”. I did ALOT more than clean walls. I gave her a 5-page invoice listing everything that I did. I have a copy.

She got a bid of $1,200. to just paint the apartment.

Buddy and I charged her approx. $1,350 to clean, paint and repair.

She commented on how great a job we did. A rare occurance.

The apartment took a long time to rent out. If we spent any less time, it would have been too filthy for anyone to want to rent it.

How did she come up with “half” of the money as payment?

Her husband is a lawyer. He actually wrote the letter and the check.

She is a poor judge of how much time a job will take.

I think she discriminates against people of a lesser income.

This is an outrage. We worked hard to earn that money. I have bills to pay and only a worthless check to show for it.

Buddy won’t cash his check either.

We have alot of people to back us.

Please Help,
- Kim
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