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Criminal Law
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5th Amendment
Ryan McGar | 1/5/2004 8:09:35 PM
A month or so ago I got charged with Traffiking A Controlled Substance-Morphine. The cops questioned me for a couple hours trying to get me to say who it was,I didn't tell them.The next day I went to court and the judge told me he was going to lock me up for 4 years,so I told him who gave me the morphine,and gave him a written statement. Alrite here it is now my friend who gave me the morphine got charged with the same thing as me and I have to be at court on Thursday to testify against him.I really dont want to because of fear.Fear of 5 people jumping me.What I want to know is can I plea the 5th even if I already gave them a written statement. Any help will be appreciated.

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